About Us

  • AGBC Munich provides a well-rounded business networking platform with strong contacts to the Munich area American, German, and international business communities.

  • We meet on the last Wednesday of every month (excluding July, August, and December).

  • Our monthly meetings are held in English and feature guest speakers who address current business, technology, and cultural topics, e.g., disruptive innovation, corporate social responsibility, business negotiations, entrepreneurism, big data, digitalization/artificial intelligence trends, etc.

  • We also hold special events throughout the year: 1-2 Exchange events, an afternoon at the Oktoberfest, a Christmas dinner, as well as joint events with affiliated business groups in the Munich area.

To find out more about how to join us, please see our Why Join? section.

Member Voices

AGBC is an excellent platform to meet people with similar interests from various backgrounds, all working together to foster collaboration across the Atlantic and to develop the local business environment.

Beinur Giumali, 4 Questions to Beinur

The AGBC has personally helped me to bring various spheres of my life together – making me a more balanced and well-rounded person in the process as well as giving me a stronger sense of home in a city I am still getting to know better.

Charlotte von Harsdorf, 4 Questions to Charlie

The AGBC gives me that international flavour that Munich (sometimes) is missing.  Networking and making new friends at its best.

Sascha Liebhardt, 4 Questions to Sascha


The American-German Business Club concept was founded in 1964 in Bonn by a group of American businessmen.

Little did they realize their “Luncheon Group” would evolve into a national organization benefiting hundreds of American and German business people in Germany, and significantly promoting international cooperation between our two countries.

Since the fall of the Wall in 1989, the main emphasis the America-German relationship has been on commerce – strengthened by long-standing cultural ties. The AGBC grew during the 1990s with the founding of new chapters.

Our former persidents:
1996-1999 Neil Wilson
1999-2001 Mitch Wolfson
2001-2005 Christopher Magyar
2005-2007 Patrick Brennan
2007-2009 Simon Jones
2009-2012 Martin Gebuhr
2012-2020 Larry Schulz
2020-present Constanze Sabathil


The AGBC has 600+ members with chapters in Bonn, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern, Munich, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden-Mainz. These members come from a wide background of business-related professions. The AGBC chapters feature expertise in American and German business relations.

Interaction within and across German/American organizations is now even more important. The AGBC chapters remain politically neutral by charter. We locally nurture the transatlantic partnerships, especially those related to trade and business. This includes providing forums with other American, German, and international networking and educational organizations to promote understanding of the evolving shifts in international business momentum and to identify the underlying opportunities. The AGBC supports free trade, the sharing of ideas benefiting both countries, and personal interaction between business people within Germany. The AGBC is open to people of all nationalities who support its goals.

Board Members & Club Administration

Constanze Sabathil


Karl Gruns

Executive VP & Treasurer

Paul Morgan

Recording Secretary and VP Marketing & Communication

Andrea Schmitz

VP Website & Social Media

Larry Schulz

VP Community Outreach and Membership

Nick Walker

VP Events & Exchange

Brendan Todd

Club Administration