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About us

AGBC Munich provides a well-rounded business networking platform with strong contacts to the Munich Area American, German, and international business communities.

Online Community

AGBC Munich provides the opportunity to network with other members online. In addition to our regular events and meetings, we operate a presence on the professional networking platform, LinkedIn. Members can find other members, build out connections and share items of common interest.

AGBC Munich also operates a platform for non-members to “follow” our activities and newsfeeds via an open page on LinkedIn.

The Bavarian American Academy will award an AGBC Fellowship in 2023

In 2023, the Bavarian American Academy, in cooperation with and the support of the American German Business Club (AGBC – Munich Chapter), invites emerging scholars to apply for one travel stipend for a research and residency visit to the USA. Stipend amount is €1500 (lump sum).

Interested? Find out more about the qualification criteria on the website of the Bavarian American Academy.

Women in Sports – An interview with Nadine Nurasyid

Our guest speaker: Nadine Nurasyid, Head Coach Munich Cowboys
Discussion host: Constanze Sabathil, President, AGBC Munich

Join us for a conversation on women in sports with Nadine and Constanze. They will explore Nadine’s personal journey, the challenges facing women in sports, the successes women have already achieved, and a view toward what the future may hold.

In case you missed the meeting on Oct. 26, see this interview at:

AGBC Munich Turned 25!

The American-German Business Club Munich e.V. (AGBC Munich) turned 25 on November 6, 2021, and is celebrating 25 years of great business networking! Inspired by AGBC Bonn (established in 1964), a team of 10 established the Munich chapter in 1996, holding the first meeting that Spring with at least 60 attendees. On June 11, 2022, we celebrated this anniversary at an in-person event. Many thanks to Simon Jacob (Oannes Media Production) for the photography!

Impressions of AGBC Munich Events

November Monthly Meeting: Panel Discussion “The Munich Startup Scene”

AGBC Munich & Friends at Oktoberfest 2023

Golf Tournament 2023

Exchange 2023

AGBC Munich Christmas Party 2022

AGBC Munich & Friends at Oktoberfest 2022

Exchange 2022

Transatlantic Innovation Week – Women in Technology

Monthly Meetings

Social Media Corner

The pandemic has changed the way we all live and communicate. We have all adopted technology to help stay connected and AGBC has embraced the digital evolution in a number of ways.

We encourage you to engage with us via LinkedIn as follows (see links above):
1. Members-Only Area: To serve the networking capabilities among club members, we have a members-only area.
2. Follow Us Open Area: To serve non-members, we have opened a new area where we broadcast news and information about events. By signing up to “follow” us, AGBC news will appear on your home page at LinkedIn.

Here is what we are doing online at AGBC:
Webcasts – we continue connecting through our monthly meetings as online. webinars.
Stammtische – we have also added a monthly online Stammtisch, giving members and guests a chance to talk about anything and everything.
Speakers’ Corner – a monthly event to allow members to talk about themselves and their services to members and guests.

In addition, you can now follow AGBC Munich on:

  • Twitter at AGBC Munich or @AgbcM
  • Instagram at AGBC Munich or @agbc.munich

Join us online and stay safe!

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