4 Questions to Charlotte von Harsdorf

Charlie has been an AGBC Munich member since 2022.


Q1: Since when do you live in/around Munich? What brought you here and what is your business?

I moved to Munich in October 2016 after I was offered a job in the Munich Cluster for Marriott International. Previously, I had completed Marriott International’s graduate program “Voyage” in Edinburgh, Scotland. My family had immigrated from Berlin to Toronto, Canada, when I was a teenager, and I stayed on in Montreal completing my bachelor’s degree at McGill University. After nearly half my life abroad (at the time) I thought it was time to come back to Germany and reconnect with my European heritage. Due to my multicultural upbringing it was the most natural of choices to pick hospitality as my profession. After I had moved to Munich in 2016 and continued working for Marriott here, I took a little detour at the end of 2018 and started working for Münchner Bank eG, completing my banking certificate and MBA in Mannheim simultaneously. I learned a lot during those years. First and foremost though, I realized, banking is great but hospitality is even better – so when I heard the news a new Marriott was going to open in town, I jumped at the opportunity and came back home. Now it is my job to share with the rest of the world how wonderful this new Marriott hotel is.

Q2: How did you learn about AGBC, what was your reason to become a member and why would you recommend to join?

When I worked for the Munich Cluster, I was mainly based at the Marriott hotel in Berliner Strasse – this is where I first heard about AGBC. After I had left to work at the bank and complete my MBA, I was looking for ways to expand my professional network outside of work and the Mannheim alumni bubbles whilst also meeting people who could help me navigate the ups-and-downs of having dual citizenship (I was born in Boston, so my life actually began on the other side of the big pond). When I first voiced these thoughts to one of my best friends Bryan, he told me to reach out to Larry, which I did, and now here I am. Why would I recommend to join? Well, in the end, everyone’s life and perspective on many things can be very different. But, now and then, it can be very comforting and rewarding to be surrounded by like-minded people, sharing experiences and connecting with them on multiple levels. The AGBC has personally helped me to bring various spheres of my life together – making me a more balanced and well-rounded person in the process as well as giving me a stronger sense of home in a city I am still getting to know better.

Q3: If you could choose one of the next AGBC event topics, what would it be?

We have already had so many great topics it is hard to add more to the mix. I can certainly second what Beinur told us in last month’s newsletter by agreeing we can and should continue to look at the big trends together. I would, however, also like to suggest to maybe here and there go back to the beginning – as a young(er) member, I would be very curious to hear more about all the experiences, learnings and life paths more seasoned members would be able to share, as well as some tips & tricks on things to look out for as an expat / dual citizen. I know topics like taxes would be less exciting but equally as helpful.

Q4: What is your favorite spot/activity in Munich (or surroundings) and why?

My absolute favorite spot in Munich at the moment is the Munich Marriott Hotel City West! Really! Not just saying that because my superiors are reading this newsletter as well. On a more serious note: First thing I did when I moved to Munich was go up the Olympic Tower. I always love to do this whenever I move somewhere or visit a place for the first time, go up to the highest point and look down on everything. Puts everything in perspective, helps me get my bearings and navigate through town afterwards. Now I like to go up the Olympic hill once in a while, especially on clear days when you can see all the way to the Alps and watch the sunset over the city – breathtaking every time!

Thank you, Charlie!

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