4 Questions  to Beinur Giumali


Beinur joined AGBC Munich in August 2023.

Q1: Since when do you live in/around Munich? What brought you here and what is your business?

I moved to Munich early last year after living and working in the US for Honeywell, a large technological and industrial company. I moved here for personal reasons as my wife has been working in Bavaria for the last 6 years and traveling between the US and Germany frequently proved quite challenging.

I now do consulting and advisory work for both established and startup companies, helping them define and implement successful commercial strategies. My work includes designing organizational structures, developing skills, streamlining processes, and implementing MarTech and SalesTech infrastructures.

Additionally, I collaborate with clients to develop and execute effective innovation strategies, which involves identifying innovation opportunities, creating appropriate organizational structures, fostering a culture of creativity and experimentation, and overseeing the implementation process.

Q2: How did you learn about AGBC, what was your reason to become a member and why would you recommend to join?

After I moved, I began to explore the local business environment, and that’s when I discovered AGBC’s activities, particularly the monthly events. AGBC is an excellent platform to meet people with similar interests from various backgrounds, all working together to foster collaboration across the Atlantic and to develop the local business environment. The monthly events are a real treat as they invite top experts to engage with the public on current topics such as AI or hydrogen-powered cars.

AGBC’s monthly Stammtisch is also an excellent way to connect with like-minded individuals in a more relaxed atmosphere over a beer or local Munich and Bavarian specialties.

Q3: If you could choose one of the next AGBC event topics, what would it be?

AGBC is doing an excellent job of curating a list of events that focus on highly relevant topics such as AI, hydrogen, and innovation. I would suggest to continue to organize events based on these big trends as they will remain hugely relevant in the coming years, and maybe consider adding events related to digital transformation, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Q4: What is your favorite spot/activity in Munich (or surroundings) and why?

Bavaria and Munich are both wonderful places to visit. Bavarian Alps offer breathtaking nature, while Munich has many museums and art galleries with amazing artworks. However, my personal favorite is the Viktualienmarkt. As a foodie 🙂, I love it for its authentic local produce and laid-back atmosphere where both locals and tourists could relax and enjoy fresh food.

Thank you, Beinur!

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