4 Questions  to Dan Norenberg

Dan joined AGBC Munich in August 2016.

Q1: Since when do you live in/around Munich? What brought you here and what is your business?

I traveled through Munich on my nine-day-see-all-in-Europe some time ago. That nine days will be 35 years in August, hard to believe that a short visit could transform into a lifetime in Munich.One could say I took the road less traveled, and it has made all the difference, to quote Robert Frost.

At the time I decided to give Munich a go, without any German language skills, no work papers and no network, I set myself up as a free-lance coach, trainer, consultant and this was my starting point here. I later set up my own leadership consultancy, hired people and ran that for many years before returning to solo advisory work with executive leadership teams.


Q2: How did you learn about AGBC, what was your reason to become a member and why would you recommend to join?

I met Tom Lipton during my first days in Munich and he was very supportive, referring me to a number of people that could help me get my feet on the ground. Larry Schulz, the former AGBC President was one of these people. You can’t help but get excited about AGBC when you are around Larry, and after speaking at one of the monthly meetings, I too become a member.

Q3: If you could choose one of the next AGBC event topics, what would it be?

I am hugely impressed with the guest speakers and panel discussions that take place at the AGBC, so here I would simply say, keep doing what you’re doing. It could be an idea to set up further field trips in and around Munich that could expose members to things they would normally never get to see, such as a visit to the European Patent Office, backstage at the Deutsches Museum or a tour to other sports venues in Munich. We could also visit some of the businesses here to support networking and mutual exchange.

Q4: What is your favorite spot/activity in Munich (or surroundings) and why?

That’s a difficult question as there are so many wonderful areas here, you will find something interesting in every Munich neighborhood. Saying that, the St. Anna Platz in Lehel is a wonderful place to sit, watch people and take it all that surrounds that spot.

Thank you, Dan!

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