4 Questions to Sascha Liebhardt

Sascha has been a member since 2018

Q1: Tell us about yourself – how long have you been in Munich, what brought you here and what industry are you in?

A1: Born and raised pre-dominantly in Munich and partially in southern Italy, my academic journey(Oxford, London, Vienna, Milan) made me leave Munich at 18 to return with 29 (ja, because of a woman). My industry, or better my passion, is higher education.

Q2: How did you learn about AGBC, what was your reason for becoming a member and why would you recommend others to join?

A2: Working in English speaking higher education in Munich, the AGBC was recommended to me by many academic colleagues. The AGBC gives me that international flavour that Munich (sometimes) is missing – meeting new people without the German protective layer. Networking and making new friends at its best.

Q3: If you could choose one of the next AGBC event topics, what would it be?

A3: The AGBC event topics are always exciting. Really difficult to find something.

Q4: What is your favourite spot/activity in Munich (or surroundings) and why?

A4: The English Garten – the most beautiful theme park in a city in the world. From taking a dip in the Eisbach, to cycling through the endless green along the river Isar, to having a cold beer at the Chinese tower.

Thank you, Sascha.

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