4 Questions to Eleanor Mayrhofer

Eleanor joined AGBC Munich in 2023.

Tell us about yourself – how long have you been in Munich, what brought you here and what industry are you in?

I arrived in 1999 a few years after graduating from design school. I flew from San Francisco to Munich with a fist full of Deutschmarks, a dial-up connection and an extremely vague plan.

Several factors lead to me coming to Munich.

When I was in design school in San Francisco, a guy from Munich moved into our WG.

Suddenly there were all these Germans sleeping on our sofa who were backpacking across America or California and wanting to check out San Francisco. Some became lifelong friends.

I didn’t plan to stay so long. I just wanted to ‘hang out in Europe for awhile’ and since I had a handful of friends here, that’s where I decided to start.

How did you learn about AGBC, what was your reason for becoming a member and why would you recommend others to join?

I have been a member of several community groups. I had always known about the AGBC. I spent many years as an art director at an agency, and as an employee I didn’t think a business organization was a fit. It was only after I became a solopreneur and became interested in connecting with other local businesses that I decided to join.

I would encourage others to join because of the exceptionally welcoming community. Despite the name it is also a very international group, which I always appreciate.

If you could choose one of the next AGBC event topics, what would it be?

So far the programming has been really good. Some of the topics I’d be interested in are: The energy transition industry in Germany, Germany’s impending demographic challenges and labor shortage and immigration, Voting in Germany, now that I can retain my US citizenship I’m going to apply for a German passport and voting here is much more complicated than in the US!

What is your favorite spot/activity in Munich (or surroundings) and why?

A4: I love the Freibäder, to me they are a kind of urban oasis. We live a 5 minute walk away from the Schyrenbad which I love, but my all time favorite is Bad Maria Einsiedel.


Thank you, Eleanor.

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