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What:     Panel DiscussionHow Germany’s Industrie 4.0 is shaping advanced manufacturing in the U.S.A.

Where:  Munich Re, Sitzungssaal/Raum Europa, Giselastr. 21, 80202 Munich

Cost:     Free entry

Sign-Up:  Events tab on the American-German Business Club (AGBC) Community Platform at www.agbc-munich.com.

Event  Hosts – AMIG (American Modern Insurance Group – subsidiary of Munich Re), Munich Re, and Munich Sister Cities Association of Greater Cincinnati

Attention technology drivers, enthusiasts, and aficionados of Industrie 4.0!

Today we continue to witness breathtaking evolution in factory automation.  With the Internet of Things (IoT), things are transforming into data and algorithms are defining everything.

Please come and join a senior team of executives from the Greater Cincinnati area for a highly informative 16th May afternoon event, one that features an insight-packed panel discussion, led by FORCAM GmbH executives, on how Germany’s prowess in Smart Factory and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is affecting advanced automated manufacturing in America.

As part of the Munich Sister Cities Association’s 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Munich-Cincinnati Sister Cities Partnership, this executive team will be visiting Munich during the week of 13-18 May.  Among their key activities will be attending this 16 May afternoon get-together with leaders and drivers of the Munich Area Industrie 4.0  community, those involved directly in manufacturing or with a keen desire to learn more about this interesting topic.


1530-1600  Meet and Greet – networking

1600-1630  Introductions of Hosts – AMIG CFO Rene Gobonya, Ute Päpke, President MSCA; and sponsors.

1630-1640  Introduction of Panel – Moderator John Mack, Director of Business Development for FORCAM Inc (www.forcam.com) and Smart Factory /.Industrie 4.0 Expert

1640-1730  Panel Discussion and Q&A

1730-1800  Appertif and networking

Panel Discussion:  “How Germany’s Industrie 4.0 is shaping advanced manufacturing in the U.S.A.”

Panel:           Franz Gruber CEO Forcam GmbH (www.forcam.com)

Rohitashwa Pant KUKA, Aktiengesellschaft  (www.KUKA.com)

Roland Sommer Krones AG  (www.krones.com)

Peter Jansen, Relayr  (www.relayr.io)

Key Panel Topics:

How to increase productivity with a fast ROI

How to reduce waste, downtimes, cycle times

How to measure Production floor productivity today

How to increase capacity on all assets

How to build a smarter, more economical and leaner production environment

How to digitally transform manufacturing to create a Smart Factory

About FORCAM GmbH:

  • FORCAM GmbH is one of the pioneers in the Industrial Internet of Things, the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • FORCAM is proactively helping to reduce the skills gap.
  • FORCAM’s mission is to improve productivity in manufacturing.
  • We are true evangelists for Industrie 4.0.

FORCAM GmbH inputs on Industry 4.0:  “When we talk about the connected manufacturing, we tend to think of it in traditional terms—cables and connectors, I/Os, PLCs, and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). With the advent of Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things Revolution (IIOT), the emphasis is on bringing ideas together, as well as machines. It also means linking all business processes—not in a chain, as we have thought of connection in the past, but in a truly functional connected manufacturing organization.

Silos are being demolished through that operational revolution known as Industrie 4.0 in Germany and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the U.S to provide manufacturing with powerful insight to help streamline business practices and deliver dramatically measurable savings across the enterprise.

By any name, the goal is to create a Smart Factory—to leverage the existing and latent data to provide managers with the tools they need to reduce downtime, improve human resource management, cut waste in materials and energy and improve safety. Every one of those metrics delivers cost savings right to the bottom line with no change in suppliers, capital expenditures or personnel”.

Hosts and Event Drivers:

Munich RE (www.munichre.com)

AMIG – American Modern Insurance Group (www.amig.com – subsidiary of Munich RE)

Munich Sister City Association (www.munichcincinnati.org)

FORCAM GmbH (www.forcam.com) – Headquarters in Ravensburg, Germany

Visiting Sponsors: 

CVG Airport: (www.CVGairport.com)

Bill Schult (www.wordlycfo.com)

Evelyn Simmler (evelyn.Simmler@thinkKentucky.eu, www.ThinkKentucky.eu)

Martin Wilhelmy – Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of German (www.Germany.info)

Hans Zimmer – Cors & Bassett, LLC (www.Corsbassett.com)

Munich Sponsors: 

American-German Business Club Munich e.V. (AGBC – www.agbc-munich.com)

International Business Council Munich (IBCM – www.ibcmdot.com )

Munich Network e.V. (www.munichnetwork.com)


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