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Speaker:  Paul Salazar, Head of Sales, Central Europe at Couchbase GmbH

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Humankind has always wanted to know if we are alone in the universe, and there are many scientific efforts underway to determine if there is life anywhere else in the universe besides Earth. Some of the research takes place by sending space probes throughout the Solar System to see if we can find evidence of current or past life. Some of the research takes place as we discover and analyse exoplanets. Other research is more passive, listening for signals from anywhere in the universe, looking for intelligence in the signals. And of course, Earth has been transmitting signals into space for nearly 100 years. We don’t have a complete answer yet, but we are pursuing this in a detailed way.

Entrepreneur and amateur astronomer Paul Salazar sits at a cross-section of different paths in life. Stemming from Mexican and Armenian roots, he’s a native of Los Angeles. His 35-year software and tech career led him up the California coastline to Silicon Valley before diverting across the globe to Munich, Germany. Despite Paul’s journeys across our planet, he’s always had his eyes on the skies. His passion for astronomy is something that he wants to share with the world around him. A natural teacher, he wants to not only improve the world but enrich it; it is Paul’s ultimate goal to use his knowledge, passion, and zest for the stars as a driving force for minds (young and old) around him.