9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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The AGBC’s Annual Exchange – is a networking event with a difference. An opportunity to hear a host of speakers talk about things they feel passionate about and want to share! 2020 will be the 15th consecutive year of the Exchange and the pandemic will not stop us!

The AGBC Munich Exchange will take place on Saturday, 17 October 2020.  The event will take an online format using a new and innovative platform from Munich based Meet Anyway (www.meetanyway.com). Save the date! Details on how to sign up are listed below.

Cost:  Free

Event Format: It sounds crazy to hold our top networking event online. But we have teamed up with the founders of MeetAnyway to create the next-best-thing to an in-person networking event.

Here’s how it will work:

  • First, you need to sign up for the event and create a profile which is a kind of avatar. You can upload a photo of yourself, provide links to your LinkedIn profile, and give a small description of yourself. Other attendees will be able to see these details. You are in full control of your profile by creating a password during sign up.
  • Once done, you are ready to join on 17  October at 0900 using the same link. The link is: https://meetanyway.com/events/the-2020-agbc-exchange

On 17 October when you enter the Exchange, you will be able to join a selection of functions directly from your PC or tablet (with a camera if you want to do video networking) just by clicking on “JOIN”. The first thing to look at is the agenda where you will see what is going on, where and when. You will be able to;

  • Join one of the 3 individual stages where the speakers will be giving their talks.
  • Join a networking table where you can have face to face video chat with other attendees
  • Go to a range of locations where there will be videos running
  • Chat with everyone, or selected attendees to exchange ideas or arrange to meet at a networking table during the event.
  • Move from tables and stages, to other tables and stages at any time.

Although the Annual Exchange is taking place later than usual this year due to the measures taken to combat COVID-19, we are determined to have the show go on.

Thanks to all of you who completed our Exchange-related survey and gave us the inspiration to go ahead.

We have some great speakers and some great topics. This year’s speaker line up is:

  • Erich Lehmann: Creating something positive out of the Pandemic
  • Naomi Susan Isaacs: AGING JOYFULLY – remaining relevant in an ever changing world
  • Dan Norenberg : Choices for Transformation & Growth
  • Fritz Lebowsky: Emotional and Artificial Intelligence
  • Eric Lynn: Dancing with change
  • Bramwel Otieno Omondi: The New Normal – The Internet of Medical Things (IoMTs)
  • Jen Canale & Paul Higgins: The rising culture of craft beer Including virtual beer tasting!)
  • Christine Otsver: Making the Right Choices: 5 Common Misperceptions about Business Strategy
  • Jon Yager: Concrete Solutions for Tragic Plastic
  • DeAnn Cougler: Surviving 2020: at work and outside the office
  • Jessica Scholl: Inclusive Business and Social Intrapreneurship:  Scaling-up business models for inclusive growth
  • Raymond Gao: How Industry 4.0 is reshaping Manufacturing at BSH

For the first time you will be able to see 5 of the talks – for free! This will be a great event that will provide new ideas and perspectives … Please Save the Date, Sign Up … and join us!