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New European College
Wolfratshauser Straße 84, München, Bavaria, 81379

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AGBC Munich 2023 Exchange

 Host:            AGBC Munich

When:          Saturday 22nd April 09:00 – 13:30

Where:         New European College, Wolfratshauser Straße 84, Wolfratshauser Str. 84, 81379 München

Format:        In-person meeting

Language:    English

Costs:           €10 per person for members and guests, Free for students (includes buffet lunch and drinks)

 This year’s annual AGBC Munich Exchange In-person Event will again take place at  the New European College. This is a highlight event for our club as 9 of our members talk on topics that they are passionate about.

Our 2023 Speakers and their Topics

Jean-Marie Bottequin

Jean-Marie will give a talk called: „Make a bigger impression with your expression”
This session will be in the form of a short workshop with practical examples, where attendees will experience how to reinforce personal success thanks to the right body language.
For example:

  • Reaping confidence through a better effect
  • A crisp elevator pitch
  • Better knowledge of human nature
  • Appearance with positive after-effect
  • Voice as a force field
  • Perception of the own foreign image

Jean-Marie Albert Bottequin is the founder of AfP Academy for Personality Formation (Munich).
Born in 1941 in Ghent, Belgium, he is living since 1968 in Munich, Germany. In the early 60 years, he had his training as a mime in Paris. In parallel, he was one of the best theater photographers (according to Theater Museum Munich). He was also 10 years a consultant to UNESCO and the Council of Europe.
He worked for famous personalities in film and stage (https://lnkd.in/eZdvD8tk).

Tanja Leyerer

In a talk entitled “Bridging the Gap – Between digital and mental processes“, Tanja Leyerer will address the topic of how automating work can remain human in the digital age. She will be discussing:

  • What does humane mean?
  • What distinguishes us from machines?
  • What is the history of work design?
  • Economic, social, self-actualising and complex man
  • What are the principles of contemporary work psychology?

What are the big differences between the past and the future? And what can we take away from this for shaping the future?
Tanja has spent several years in tax and Human Resources. She is currently studying interdisciplinary psychology and computer science. Her favorite topic is bringing the human into the digital world and her motivation is to transport ideas and shape the future

Eleanor Mayrhofer

Eleanor will share with us “9 powerful and easy design tips to increase your website conversions“.

These days, a professionally designed website is a must, but your website can do much more than confer legitimacy, it can work for you 24/7. A website should be able to engage visitors and ultimately turn them into leads and clients. In this talk Eleanor will walk through key design and content techniques that help your site accomplish these business goals.

In her 25 year design career Eleanor has done everything from book compositing to designing mobile apps to methodology and agile process design for global creative teams. She’s worked on projects for clients such as Chronicle Books, Rizzolli, Vodafone, BMW, Audi, Bosch-Siemens Hausgerät, T-Online, and More.
She left corporate life in 2010 to start her own online eCommerce business selling printable stationery. Her work was noticed by Goop, Martha Stewart, The New York Times and Pottery Barn Kids.
For the last few years she’s been helping expat business owners in Germany get their websites launched in a day.

Linda Jo Rizzo

In a talk called “FIT and/or FOOLISH???”, Linda Jo will will address the important questions of;

  • How do we eat a healthy diet in our fast moving, stressful times?
  • No time to cook?
  • Vegan vs. vegetarian?
  • Is gourmet dieting possible?
  • Diet & Exercise work together?
  • Vitamin supplements, yes or no????
  • Reading labels – do you know what is REALLY in the foods you buy??
  • The Lockdown “extra kilos” dilemma.

Are our youths today destined for overweight and disease due to fast foods and less sport? Small and easy changes can help your daily health. What you do for your body today, it will thank you for in the future!!!! These themes and many more will be discussed as they touch many of us and our families. Get your thoughts and questions ready for an exciting and healthy exchange!!!!

From high fashion modeling in the 70’s in Italy and Portugal, to nutrition studies at Queens College in NYC, to becoming a world known disco star of the 80’s.That is Linda Jo Rizzo. Born and raised in New York City, Linda Jo always loved being on stage, whether before the camera, doing a nutritional seminar or performing. Her singing career took her to Germany in 1985 after running her own nutritional consulting company for 5 years. With her Italian-American temperament and  her New York energy and “passion” for the stage, Linda Jo has earned a big name in the Live Music scene and still performs worldwide. Keeping fit is essential in her business. Let her share some of her experiences and knowledge with you.

Monika Roehl

Monika will talk about “Empathy as a key to success in business”.

Monika is a qualified translator, sworn and state-certified interpreter and foreign language teacher with a master’s degree (MA) from the USA. Her native languages ​​are English (USA) and German. When she was four years old, her family immigrated to Dearborn, Michigan, USA. After graduating from high school, she moved to Bavaria with her family. She went to high school there for two years and did her Abitur, even though she had never been to a German school before. She says that she owes that to the German lessons at home from her parents for the most part!

Monika runs an American Language Service in Bavaria. She provides translation and interpretation services to a range of professional industries, including medical, legal, tourism, patents – Sprachendienst – Übersetzungen, Dolmetschen – Medizin, Rechtsanwälte, Tourismus, Patente – Translations & Interpreting – tourism, legal, medical, patents.

Anke Sponer

Anke will ask the question “Ever thought about being treated abroad?“ and share with us the new role of health in our life and in tourism.

The pandemic has clearly shown the importance of health in the development of tourism and has led to an increasing awareness of health among consumers. The demand for sustainable, health-related travel offers to enhance wellbeing are continuing to trend. Travel choices such as domestic travel or destinations closer to home, preference for shorter trips as well as a higher average spending per trip have become more popular.

Get to know the role of health and digitization for health-related search, treatments, guests expectations, and communication along the consumer journey. What kind of health travel product you are going to plan? Create your own communication touchpoints to market it.

Anke Sponer is an expert for communication and initiatives in the (health) tourism sector and destination marketing. She is active in local and international associations, conferences, and scientific research groups, and publishes the European Health Tourism Industry Magazine. Anke founded CSI Consulting as a one-stop shop for strategic consulting and marketing services in the field of healthcare, tourism and technology. Before, she ran Aviareps Tourism Germany, headed the Marketing and Press Department GSA of Disneyland Resort Paris, and worked in the areas of radio, TV, and publishing. Anke graduated in business administration and hotel management.

Robert Veldhuis

In a talk about “Freundeskreis Oaxaca”, Robert will share with us details of this charity organisation of which he is president. This German organisation has been supporting educational and agricultural projects in South West Mexico over the last 40 years. Robert and his wife visited these projects at the beginning of April so by the time of the Exchange can give a fresh update. More information about the charity you can be found here www.freundeskreis-oaxaca.de.

As well as being President of Freundeskreis Oaxaca e.V., Robert is Managing Director ACE Administration Services GmbH and is also Vice President Business Club Deutschland Niederlande. He has 35 years of experience in accountancy, is Dutch by birth, and has been living in Bavaria since 1998.

Bill Wasch

Bill Wasch will be talking about “School Assist GmbH”, a provider of learning aids for children with special needs in schools and kindergartens throughout the greater Munich area. In this talk he will share how School Assist evolved, its business model, the work they do, challenges and opportunities, and what future this business holds in the current educational scene in Munich.

William Wasch (Bill) has a background of more than 20 years of management experience in social enterprises as well as in international marketing. Early in his career, he was an admissions counsellor, coach and tutor at a boarding school in Vermont, USA. Following graduate work in international business, he moved to Europe in the late 90s and worked for over a decade in marketing and business development in Germany, UK, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.

In 2012 he made a life adjustment, quit the corporate world, and founded a senior care agency in Munich with three other partners.

These past experiences sparked his motivation to continue work in the social field, but with a younger age segment: In 2020 he founded School Assist with the goal of making a valuable contribution to children and adolescents in his adopted home of Munich. As father of three children and an international himself, he is familiar with the responsibilities of parenting as well as the challenges of “integration”. He knows the value of successful communication across boundaries and language barriers and thus wants to support children, their families, as well as the international community in Munich.

Thomas Weihmann

Thomas will be talking about “Professional wealth protection with a tangible asset”: how can a tangible asset be used for the professional protection of wealth, how it earns tax free profits and in addition is safe from unauthorized access.

Thomas’ professional background is over 20 years of experience in successful independent financial advising of more than 1,000 single people and families.



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