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Marriott Hotel
Berliner Str. 93, München, Bayern, 80805, Bavaria

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AGBC Munich May In-Person Monthly Meeting – Panel Discussion – “Generative AI is Altering Nearly Everything”

Generative AI Will Change Everything

Host:                      AGBC Munich

Moderator:            Sharad Gandhi – Technology Philosopher and Strategist, Book Co-author of “AI&U”


  • Dr. Caitlin Corrigan – Executive Director, TUM Institute for Ethics in AI
  • Christian Ehl          Serial Entrepreneur, Humanity Activist, Book Co-author of “AI&U”
  • Dirk Hofmann – CEO DAIN Studios Germany and Co-Founder DAIN Studios

When:                     Wednesday, 31 May (1830 – 2230)

Where:                    Marriott Hotel, Berliner Str. 93, 80805 Munich

Format:                  In-person meeting.

Language:              English

Costs:                     €30 for members, €40 for guests, €20 for students (includes buffet plus one drink)

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Generative Artificial Intelligence will change everything. It is likely to impact us more than the industrial revolution. And will happen faster.

With its dynamic, even dizzying evolution, Generative Artificial Intelligence is starting to change so many facets of our daily business and personal lives.  As its technology “advances” continue, it will impact us more than the industrial revolution. And it will happen faster.

Very simply put, ChatGPT, GPT4, and Bard use machine learning “large language” models (LLM’s) that produce natural, human-like responses to questions.

Our panel discussion with experts will update us on the current pulse of Generative A.I., providing the latest insightful inputs on many of the latest A.I. developments.

Stephen Hawking in a 2014 interview said that “AI could mean the end of the human race”. Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak signed a letter warning that artificial intelligence poses “profound risks” to humanity. But their companies are investing heavily in technology. And recently Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, A.I. pioneer since 1972 and British-Canadian cognitive psychologist, quit his senior position at Google in April. Increasingly concerned by the aggressive global race between Google, Microsoft, and others to create products based on generative A.I.

It is certain that during the industrial revolution, the “Luddites” said and did similar things. In the 1930’s, the New York Times said that average American families had “no time for this new invention” (the television). And even IBM did not believe that the personal computer would be in everyone’s home when they launched it in the 80’s. There is no doubt that Generative A.I. will impact us all and this is not a time to look the other way!

Our Moderator:

Sharad Gandhi      Technology Philosopher and Strategist, Book Co-author of “AI&U”

Sharad Gandhi is a technology philosopher and strategist for creating business value with digital technologies. By education, he is a physicist and electronics engineer and business strategy consultant by profession. He is a global citizen having lived and worked in Europe, the USA, and India for leading companies – Intel, IBM, Siemens, and Tata. Despite being passionate about technology, he is aware of and concerned about problems that technology creates. However, he believes that eventually technologies like the Internet, AI, robotics, biotech, genetics, new materials, and Space will help create innovations and solutions for many of our global environmental problems, climate crisis, energy, inequality, poverty, healthcare, and demography. Sharad is the co-author with Chris Ehl of the 2017/2020 book “AI&U:  Translating Artificial Intelligence into Business.”   He was a guest speaker at our November 2017 AGBC monthly meeting.

Our Panelists:

Dr. Caitlin Corrigan – Executive Director, TUM Institute for Ethics in AI, Technical University of Munich.

Dr. Corrigan holds a PhD in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh. Her research interests include good governance, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, particularly in developing country settings. She has over ten years of experience in designing and implementing research and data collection, developing and managing research projects and coordinating funding proposals.

In her role at TUM, she is responsible for the development, coordination and management of all researcher and administrative activities related to the IEAI. She also holds the lead-role for IEAI content development and production of IEAI research publications, and directly supervises IEAI-based research projects.

Christian Ehl –  Serial Entrepreneur, Humanity Activist, Book Co-author of “AI&U”

Christian Ehl is an Internet activist and experienced entrepreneur with a passion for technology and how it transforms our lives and the way we do business. He is working to leverage Artificial Intelligence for a good future by working with various start-ups and corporations on AI projects. In addition to this, he is also involved in the Breakthrough Innovation work with the United Nations and the DO School. Christian is an active business angel and CEO of HILLERT NEXT. He holds an electronics engineering degree from the Technical University of Munich and an MBA from Wake Forest University.  Chris is the co-author with Sharad Gandhi of the 2017 book “AI&U: Translating Artificial Intelligence into Business.”   He was a guest speaker at our November 2017 AGBC monthly meeting.

Dirk Hofmann, CEO DAIN Studios Germany and Co-Founder DAIN Studios

Dirk is one of the three founders of DAIN Studios and serves as the CEO of DAIN Studios Germany. DAIN, which stands for Digital, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Insights, offers AI and data consultancy, execution, product development, and data trainings. Since its founding in March 2016, DAIN has established studios in Helsinki, Berlin, Munich, and Vienna, boasting a team of over 80 highly experienced experts in the fields of AI, Data Science, AI Ethics, and Data literacy. The company has served more than 70 well-known international customers across 14 different industries.

Dirk’s primary focus lies in assisting companies with data and AI strategy development, data-driven business model development, data ecosystem building, and AI-based service development. He leads efforts in defining and driving transformation, change management, and educational strategy and implementation programs for clients. Dirk is a regular speaker at public and company internal events, where he shares his learnings and experiences gained from his nearly 20 years in the Data/AI domain.

Dirk holds a Master’s degree in Media Science, Psychology, and Economics from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.




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