IBCM – International Business Council Munich


To combine the strengths of the participating IBCM groups in joining for business events of mutual interest and in addressing topics of common interest. An umbrella organization, the IBCM provides an organizational interface, supports the sharing of ideas, facilitates making new business contacts, and stimulates learning.

The Anglo-Bavarian Club started in the early sixties when a group of businessmen and professionals from Munich and the UK formed a luncheon club in Munich. In 1979 the club was registered under the name Anglo-Bavarian Club, Munich and has retained the name “ABC” to this day. The purpose of the Club is to foster social and business contacts between Bavaria and the UK. Lunchtime and evening meetings are held at regular intervals usually at a hotel in central Munich or at other top locations such as BMW Welt and Siemens Forum. Guest speakers are invited to present on topical subjects. The Club has many prominent and interesting personalities as speakers in English or German and in addition organises exclusive cultural and social events. Some events are held jointly with other clubs and organisations such as the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany, the Deutsch Britische Gesellschaft and the German Canadian Association. The club is actively supported by the British Consulate General.

Chinaforum Bayern e.V. was founded in 2003 with the aim to strengthen the Chinese business network between Bavaria and China and to encourage business activities between both countries. Today Chinaforum Bayern offers a strong network with over 200 members ranging from big brands like Audi, Huawei or Bayern Munich to SMEs in various sectors and private members. The non-profit organization provides regular lectures on current issues and training on relevant business topics. The biggest event is the annual Bavarian-Chinese Spring Festival in Munich with over 550 guests from the world of politics and business. Also the Chinaforum connects Chinese business delegations with local companies and stakeholders and supports the organization of partner events. With its office located in Munich, Chinaforum Bayern e.V. is also active in Nuremberg, Ingolstadt, Regensburg and Aschaffenburg.

Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft (DJG) in Bayern e.V. was founded in 1961 in the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität community to promote and expand relationships and understanding between Japan and Germany. In the past 50 years the group has grown to over 800 members and is the largest chapter of the Association of German-Japanese Societies. Each year we organize over 80 Japanese accented events that address a wide variety of topics, spanning classical presentations on current Japanese themes (including economic and political themes), cinema evenings featuring Japanese films, Japanese art themes, and concerts with Japanese music.

The Deutsch-Französische Wirtschaftsclub in Bayern e.V./Club économique franco-allemand de Bavière supports business and economic relations between Germany and France and offers its members a lively platform for exchange and for making new contacts. The primary purpose of the Club is to offer a value-added forum for its members. Most of the Club’s members are active in the business, science and public institution sectors. The Club provides them a regular program of events and discussion evenings focused on current German-French business topics, especially those involving practical applications. Also featured are dinner meetings and other activities that enable members to meet and network in a lively atmosphere. In parallel, the Club supports a lively cooperation between companies and universities with a number of activities that support German-French business development in Bavaria while also serving as a source of contacts and related information. All persons, companies and institutions interested in our initiatives are welcome to participate.

Deutsch-Kanadische Gesellschaft e.V. (DKG) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1951 to advance the economic, cultural and social links between Germany and Canada. The DKG offers an established network for fostering social ties with Canadians and friends of Canada, an information hub for cultural, economic and political matters, and diverse opportunities for promoting German-Canadian youth exchanges. In addition, it provides a platform for networking with other organizations and institutions in business, politics and culture; a base for acquiring potential partners, customers and in particular young people who are difficult to reach via classic channels; and a platform for cultural sponsorship and promoting understanding with Canada as a business partner.

German American Business Association (GABA), Munich Chapter – Based in Mountain View, California and with a chapter in Munich, GABA fosters transatlantic knowledge-sharing and networking among German-American and Californian business and tech communities and related contacts in the Munich Area. GABA is dedicated to encouraging German-American business and trade.  Our programs address critical business, technical and leadership issues, with specific industry programs focused on Automotive, Life Sciences, Wireless/Mobile Communications, Clean Techology, Semiconductors, Women in Business and Young Professionals.

The German Australian Business Council e.V. (GABC) – 20 years of connecting Germany and Australia. The GABC is a business network created to foster long term relationships between Germany and Australia. Aimed at advancing both company and individual pursuits, we communicate and catalyse opportunities through business networking and other activities.

Initiated in 2001, the German-Indian Round Table is an association of individuals with strong business and personal interests in India. The GIRT’s objective is to spread information about India and to facilitate Indo-German business ties. In addition, cultural and social activities relating to India are being supported by the participants of the regular Indo-German ‘Stammtisch’ meetings. The GIRT addresses the interests of about 3000 individuals of the Indo-German business scene today.

Irish Business Network (IBN) in Germany – With 340 members, the IBN Bavarian Chapter provides networking opportunities to Irish people working in Munich and Bavaria and to friends of Ireland. The organization holds events on topics of member interest, including access to Irish opinion leaders, decision makers in industry, government-level business support, and an Irish business knowledge base. It is also a source of local expert advice, newcomer support, business events, and job listings and social networking.

The MÜNCHNER KREIS is a leading independent platform providing orientation for decision makers in the digital world. The mission of the MÜNCHNER KREIS serves as an independent, interdisciplinary, and international platform for active and diverse discussions amongst key players from business, academia, and public policy. In our various activities, we analyze future developments, providing valuable impulses on the technical, economic, political, and social challenges of the digital transformation.

The Österreichisch-Bayerische Gesellschaft e.V. – Austrian-Bavarian Club is one of the primary organizations linking business and politics between Austria and Bavaria. The OeBG presents excellent events that bring together Bavarian friends of Austria with Austrians residing in Bavaria. While the goals of the OeBG include maintaining strong ties to Austria and to the Bavarian State government, supporting harmonious living together, and cooperative working in all areas of the economy, science, art, and culture, these are continually being expanded. We promote mutual understanding. The creative work of the all-volunteer leadership team is indicative of how one can promote and sustain friendship in our Bavarian neighborhood.

Professional Women’s Network (PWN) stands for: Advancing, Empowering and Inspiring women in business and leadership. We believe that leveraging 100% of the world’s talent will result in better decision-making and an economically sustainable, happier society. We aspire to accelerate the pace of change and to inspire our community to embrace new skills, support one another and put reforms into action. We are engaged toward providing professional women with the network, skills, tools and resources enabling them to actively manage their careers.